The Company

Nielsen Brothers, Inc. is a family owned business that began operations in 1979 and incorporated in 1990.  Nielsen Brothers, Inc., or NBI, has been performing contract logging services for major timberland owners, as well as harvesting NBI's own timber, since its inception.  NBI custom harvests over 60 MMBF annually on both public and private lands.  Based in Bellingham, WA, Nielsen Brothers operates as far South as Scappoose, OR, as far East as Leavenworth, WA, and North to Prince Rupert, British Columbia.


The Management

Nielsen Brothers, Inc. is owned and operated by two brothers, both Northwest natives, who share a combined 50+ years in the logging and timber falling industry.  The General Manager has a degree in forest management and 25 years experience with helicopter logging, timber sales and log exporting.  The logging Supervisor has 15 years experience in timber falling and logging.  NBI's timber staff have forestry degrees and more than 30 years combined experience in sale layout, road and logging systems engineering, timber cruising and property valuation.


The Scope of Operations

Nielsen Brothers has extensive experience in both cable and ground based harvesting, including the following logging systems:

Cable Systems

  • High Lead
  • Standing skyline w/motorized or mechanical dropline carriage
  • Running skyline w/dropline carriage
  • Gravity or shotgun
  • Slackline
  • Standing skyline w/intermediate supports
  • Northbend
  • Cable skyline thinning

Ground Based

  • Shovel logging
  • Tracked skidder
  • Wheel skidder
  • Ground based thinning